Welcome to the Hotel Peninsula in Istanbul. We are a small boutique hotel, nestled quietly at the end of leafy laneway. We are nestled amount this city’s great historical landmarks and you will instantly transport your mind heart upon arrival.
   When you go to buy your morning paper, you stroll past our 489 year old Turkish Hamam, tangled with vines and moss. This truly is an immersion into an oriental parallel, and we are pleased to be able to offer you warm, friendly accommodation during your journey here.
   The Peninsula has become a cultural institution over the years and
we look forward (“wait with four eyes” in Turkish) to welcoming you to our extended family.

Famaous guide book Lonely Planet's independent authors:
"Hallmarks here are friendly staff, comfortable rooms and bargain prices. It has a terrace with sea views and hammocks, and a breakfast room with outdoor tables. Basement rooms are dark, but have reduced prices. The same owners operate the slightly more expensive and comfortable Grand Peninsula, a few streets away."
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